Fan Prizes

Every Fan that signs up for TBT is entered into the Fanwagon Sweepstakes (see Sweepstakes Rules). Fans will be able to increase their chances of winning prizes in our season ending raffle by accumulating points. Each point = a raffle ticket. The sooner Fans enter, the more points they will be able to gather. Sign up now!

Each point = a raffle ticket. Becoming a Fan = 100 pts. Recruiting a fan = 250 pts (beginning March 10th) Votes on polls = 10 pts. Each win for your team (Rounds 1-4) = 5,000 pts per win. Your team wins final game = 10,000 pts. Every time you jump off your Fanwagon = -1,000 pts. Your team gets to 500 fans = 1,000 pts. Your team gets 1,000 Fans = 1,000 pts. Your team gets 2,500 Fans = 1,000 pts. Your team gets 5,000 Fans = 1,000 pts.


Raffle Prizes


For complete information on prizes, please see the Sweepstakes Rules

Team Prizes


Milestone Prizes

As teams grow their fan base, they will be eligible for the prizes below:


Prizes for accepted teams will be handed in person at Philadelphia University.