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William Coleman #10 | GM/Power Forward

Height: 6'9"
Location: ,
Player Bio

With the experience between Antonio Anderson and Jeremy Hunt, they have rallied together to pull some of Memphis's finest out of the woodwork to make a run at 2 million dollars. This team is action packed and filled with IQ, athleticism, and a lot of chemistry. From multiple conference championships and a great run in the 2008 NCAA tournament I think its safe to say this team knows what it takes to win. Please follow and support us as we do something we all love so very much, and that is the game of basketball. We will need the support from all of tiger nation and some. So please follow and VOTE for us.Thank You!

Highest Level Played: Eurocup
Highest Level Team Name: Buducnost
Last Year Played at Highest Level: 2017
Alma Mater: University of Memphis
Winning Share: $150000Zelle