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Iyoha Agho #25 | Point Guard

Height: 6'2"
Location: New City, New York
Current Team
Player Bio

Iyoha is a talented point guard who because of the situation he ended up at NYU, played mostly off the ball during his collegiate career. A high IQ player who understands how to manage a game while getting his teammates involved throughout the course of it. Can really score it when need be, and has no problem taking a game into his hands when the opportunity presents itself. A knockdown shooter who's range extends well beyond the international 3 point line. Whether it be spotting up or off the bounce, Iyoha lets it go with confidence every time. A high energy player who really gets after it on the defensive end of the floor and makes it tough on the opposing team's primary ballhandler.

Highest Level Played: NCAA D3 Tournament
Highest Level Team Name:
Last Year Played at Highest Level: 2015
Alma Mater: NYU
Salary: $0