Who Are: Team Fredette TBT 2017


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Bid: Popularity

Notable Players: Brandon Davies, Darington Hobson, Josh Adams

Number of Active Pros: 6

TBT History: First-time participant

Nutshell: Coach Jimmer Fredette has assembled some former BYU teammates and friends. They've got plenty of guards, but maybe Jimmer himself will suit up if they make a deep run? Something to watch for.



There are few players in the history of the game of basketball who can be identified by their first name only, and people will still know who you’re talking about...LeBron. Kobe. Magic. Michael. Jimmer.

Jimmer Fredette is perhaps the most iconic college basketball player of the 21st century, a kid from Glen Falls, NY who put Brigham Young University on the national college hoops radar with otherworldly junior and senior seasons. His ability to knock down long pull-up threes captivated the basketball world; you can still hear someone yell out “JIMMER!” when they try to replicate Fredette's range in a pickup game. After a five-year stint in the NBA, Fredette has been exploring new basketball adventures, and TBT is next up on his list.

Jimmer, alongside his brother, TJ, and dad, Al, will be coaching Team Fredette, a group of talented former NBA and current international players that Jimmer Fredette selected. Former BYU teammates Brandon Davies and Charles Abouo will give Cougars fans flashbacks to the glory days. Jordon Crawford, a 5-foot-6 point guard who played with Fredette during his stint with the Westchester Knicks in 2015, will provide Team Fredette with some Jimmer-like flash.

Fredette is slated to only coach in TBT this year, but if Team Fredette makes a deep run, it’s hard to imagine him not suiting up for a game or two. A jersey with Fredette's name on it will be waiting for him, just in case.