Quick Hits

Bid: At-Large

Notable Players: Allan Ray, Mark Lyons

Number of Active Pros: 9

TBT History: Lost in the first round to the Talladega Knights in 2016.

Nutshell: Comprised almost entirely of professional hoopers from New York, Team Fancy is hoping to take the $2 million back to the Big Apple.


About The Team

The popular online retailer is back for a second crack at TBT glory after falling to the Talladega Knights in the first-round last summer. After receiving the support of newly-crowned NBA Champion JaVale McGee in TBT 2016, the team is boosted by Dallas Mavericks guard Yogi Ferrell and Sacramento Kings draft pick Frank Mason III.

Shane Gibson returns to Fancy after dropping an impressive 28 points (including seven three-pointers) in the team’s lone game last year. He’ll be joined by an all-star cast including former Boston Celtics guard Allan Ray, University of Arizona’s Kevin Parrom and Mark Lyons as well as Iona duo Scott Machado and Mike Glover.

If there's a weakness on this team, it's that they come together just for TBT . This isn't a squad that represents a single school or a style of play or that even plays together on a regular basis. On the other hand, the guys on Overseas Elite had never met each other before stepping on the court in 2015, and they walked off with a giant check. So, what do we know?