Quick Hits

Bid: Popularity

Number of Active Pros: 2

TBT History: Lost in the first-round in 2016.

Nutshell: GM Albert Varacallo has assembled many of his friends and former teammates to play in memory of his father. Definitely the Cinderella team of the Northeast.



Nobody dreams bigger than this squad.

If DuBois Dream wins TBT 2017, they are pledging $1 million to four different DuBois, PA-area non-profits and causes. Whether it be the fight against childhood cancer, a Varacallo family foundation dedicated to providing scholarships for our nation’s future health care students, helping fund a local Little League initiative that enables children with physical and mental challenges, or donating to an organization that helps the most vulnerable of children, DuBois Dream is putting their community first in TBT 2017.

In addition to their charitable endeavors, the team was put together by several members of the Varacallo family in memory of their father, Dr. Albert Varacallo. As Albert Varacallo III says, “Our motto/quote is "#DreamBig" -We are playing for multiple area non-profits and causes, which include my dad's foundation (Dr. Albert Varacallo Foundation and the Miracle League Field in DuBois. TBT is not about the money or just basketball for us, but it is about using our team and this platform to do something bigger than just playing basketball to win money for ourselves.  We really want to spread the word about people and causes greater than ourselves, and have some fun while doing it since we all love basketball!”