TBT Podcast: More exposure in 2017, back with ESPN!


By: TBT Staff @thetournament

More exposure for TBT on all ESPN platforms!

It's no secret that the $2 milliion dollar prize is the big draw for every team in TBT, but only one lucky team cashes in. So, what's in it for the other 63 teams that don't win it all? Top notch exposure! We are glad to announce a new deal with ESPN. To find out more, click here and listen below.

The guest this week, Bryan Hurley, General Manager of HBC (Hurley Basketball Club), was just a fan of TBT in 2014 before making his dream of running a team a reality. In 2015, he and his family organized a team and narrowly missed a chance to advance to the Super 16 in Chicago. This past year, the team won its first round game again before bowing out to two-time defending champion Overseas Elite. Why does Bryan feel 2017 is the year HBC gets over the hump?

Special updates about players from around the world wrap up another fun episode!