TBT Podcast Ep. 67 | Derrick Byars (Memorial Magic)


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

As we begin to near the halfway mark of the voting process, Memorial Magic, a Vanderbilt Alumni team, has a strong hold of second place in the South Region. But who are they?

Former high school and NCAA Division I All-American Derrick Byars joins the TBT Podcast this week to provide some insight into the Memorial Magic. Byars, who played for Kings of the South in TBT 2016, opted to play with his former teammates and represent his school this upcoming summer in hopes to reunite the Vanderbilt community. Byars, who played in the NBA, discusses why he feels his team's roster has what it takes to compete in and advance in a loaded South Region.

Updates from TBT 2017 teams and players around the world as well as a preview of next week’s guests round out another edition of TBT Podcast!

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