TBT FAN POINT SYSTEM: How to win when your team wins


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

Who wants to win some cash and other cool prizes?

A lot has changed with TBT over the years: players have come and gone, the prize has soared to $2 million (and beyond if you count regional prizes), we've played in arenas all over the country. With that being said, one thing has remained constant since the inaugural tournament in 2014 - when your team wins, you win. The same can be said for TBT 2019. 

This year, the top 1,000 supporters of the winning team will split 10% ($200,000) of the $2 million prize (with the top supporter netting $10,000). The more points you accrue, the more money in your pocket if your team wins. It's as simple as that. You will receive points for a variety of different actions from March 1-August 6, such as supporting a team, subscribing to TBT's newsletter, following TBT on Instagram, filling out a bracket, sharing your bracket on social media, watching your favorite team win, and more. Perhaps the biggest change from last year is that fans will also earn points for each correct selection they make on their bracket. The later the round, the more points you earn per correct pick.

Additionally, no matter which team you support, fans will be rewarded each time they hit a points milestone:

  • 300 pts = Merchandise discount code
  • 600 pts = 50% off TBT Championship Week tickets
  • 1,000 pts = One lucky fan will win $50,000

Here's a complete list of ways you can earn points:

Register on thetournament.com        5                            1           5
Support a team        5                            1           5
Subscribe to TBT Newsletter      20                            1         20
Follow TBT on Instagram (the.tournament)      50                            1         50
RT #TBTFAN from @thetournament        5                          30       150
Team wins      20                            6       120
Fill Out  bracket      10                            1         10
Share Bracket on Social      20                            1         20
Share TBT Site Content        2                          20         40
Click on TBT Newsletter Link      20                          16       320
Bracket Contest Round 1        1                          32         32
Bracket Contest Round 2        2                          16         32
Bracket Contest Round 3        4                            8         32
Bracket Contest Round 4        8                            4         32
Bracket Contest Round 5      16                            2         32
Bracket Contest Round 6    100                            1       100

                                                                                                                          MAX PTS: 1,000

The 2019 TBT fan point system will officially kick off on March 1. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or shoot us an email at info@thetournament.com. Good luck!