July 8 Gameday Schedule

By: TBT Staff

TBT 2017 gets underway today! South Regionals will take place in Charlotte, NC at Queens University. Simultaneously, Northeast Regionals will take place in Philadelphia, PA at Philadelphia University. The game schedule for Saturday, July 8 is posted below. All games are available live via WatchESPN / ESPN3.


South & Northeast Regional Rounds

All games streamed live on WatchESPN/ESPN3

9:00 AM               Kentucky Kings vs. The Citi Team  (WATCH)

9:15 AM               Talladega Knights vs. Paul Champions (WATCH)

10:45 AM            Tampa Bulls vs. Seven City Grain (WATCH)

11:00 AM            FCM Untouchables vs. OPI (WATCH)

12:30 PM             Overseas Elite vs. Chattanooga Trenches (WATCH)

12:45 PM             Team Foe vs. D.C. On Point (WATCH)

2:15 PM               Matadors vs. Washington Generals (WATCH)

2:30 PM               Zoo Crew vs. Sideline Cancer (WATCH)

4:00 PM               Brothers Dat Ball vs. Golden Boot Dynasty (WATCH)

4:15 PM               City of Gods vs. Gaelnation (WATCH)

5:45 PM               Ole Hotty Toddy vs. NC Prodigal Sons (WATCH)

6:00 PM               Boeheim's Army vs. DuBois Dream (WATCH)

7:30 PM               Ram Nation vs. Showtime (WATCH)

7:45 PM               Supernova vs. South Jamaica Kings (WATCH)

9:15 PM               Blue Zoo vs. PrimeTime Players (WATCH)

9:30 PM               Team Fancy vs. Rebel Riders (WATCH)


All times are ET.