Individual payouts for Overseas Elite



After a semifinal win over Team City of GodsOverseas Elite guard Errick McCollum II joked that in some leagues overseas you never know when you will receive your next paycheck.

Following a thrilling 67-65 win over Team 23 on Sunday, McCollum and the rest of Overseas Elite left Rose Hill Gym with a lucrative amount of money, as they split the $1,000,000 prize. Per TBT rules, $50,000 went to the team's top fans, while the team's GM took a $105,000 cut. That remaining $845,000 was divvied up between the nine players on the roster.

McCollum, Travis BaderParis Horne and Myck Kabongo were rewarded for playing in all seven games, as each took home a team-high $107,000. Shane Lawal, who flew in the day before the semifinals, earned $95,000 for a weekend's worth of work. The other payouts ranged from $55,000 to $90,000.

Here is a full breakdown of the individual payouts for Overseas Elite:

Travis Bader (7 games): $107,000
Paris Horne (7 games): $107,000
Myck Kabongo (7 games): $107,000
Errick McCollum II (7 games): $107,000
Shane Lawal (2 games): $95,000
Johndre Jefferson (5 games): $90,000
DJ Kennedy (4 games): $90,000
Kyle Fogg (4 games): $87,000
Todd O'Brien (3 games): $55,000