Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey in favor of NBA adopting Elam Ending


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

One of the biggest debates in basketball just got even more interesting 

Could we see the Elam Ending go from TBT to the NBA? For at least one GM, the decision is a no-brainer. 

On Episode 364 of Freakonomics Radio, host Stephen J. Dubner was joined by several titans of sports industry, including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, UFC president Dana White, and Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey. When asked about the biggest challenges facing the game of basketball in 2019, Morey was quick to point out an issue that hits particularly close to home.

"The ends of NBA games is one of my bugaboos," said Morey. "I just can't stand the fouls and timeouts, and it's just not a good viewing experience."

That's where the Elam Ending comes into play. For those new to TBT, the concept is simple: at the first dead ball after the four-minute mark in the fourth quarter, the game clock shuts off. A "target score" is set by adding seven to the leading team’s score. The first team to reach the target score wins. This not only eliminates the incentive for trailing teams to endlessly foul, but also gives them a more realistic path to victory if they play good defense.

After being tested at the TBT 2017 Jamboree, the Elam Ending was implemented across all games last summer. Not only did it spark fierce debate among some of basketball's greatest minds, but more importantly, it helped preserve a more natural end of game. 

"It's a fantastic way to end games," said Morey. "I would definitely do the Elam Ending."

While only time will tell if the NBA eventually adopts Nick Elam's creation, for anyone who wants to see how it plays out in real life, just take a look at the clips below. We promise you won't be disappointed.