Catching up with new mom Lindsey Mitchell, 2014's Top Fan


Lindsey Mitchell was the first fan to walk in when the doors opened for The Basketball Tournament’s inaugural edition at Philadelphia University on June 6, 2014. Her fandom, however, extended beyond just showing up early. She was also responsible for recruiting an amazing number of fans for the team her husband, Matt, had put together, the Olivet Nazarene Tigers, an alumni squad that reunited Matt’s college teammates.  Although Olivet (and Matt) merged with Eberlein Drive, Lindsey’s fandom has not diminished, even if her attention may not be 100% devoted to recruiting votes this spring.


Lindsey and Matt recently welcomed their first child, Moses, and the new parents are overjoyed, if not overwhelmed as all new parents are, at the new face in their home. TBT caught up with Lindsey over text to find out how she likes being a mom, what she might have planned for her first Mother’s Day, and how she feels about Olivet joining forces with Eberlein Drive.



Happy Mother’s Day!



Thank you! I still can’t quite believe I am now officially a mom!


How is it? Moses is his name, right?


Yes, his name is Moses and he has been a joy so far. He is such a content little man!


How old is he?


He is a week and a half…two weeks on Monday.


Has Matt put a basketball in his hands yet?


Surprisingly, not yet! But he does have two pairs of Jordan’s already!


Do you remember how many fans you recruited last year?


You would have to look back to confirm, but at least 200. We kind of lost track after a while.


You might have been over 300. We’ll have to check.


Have you had a chance to do any recruiting this year? You’re still pretty high up the ranking, even though it’s only counting new fans.


Yes, we have been starting to reach out to our Facebook friends. We also have been asking all of our family members to [vote for] our team as well.  It is harder to tell how effective we have been because so many of the people we have reached out to already had accounts from last year.


Is it hard to ask for people to support your husband’s team or do you look at it as a fun thing?


Sometimes it is a little hard to not seem like “spam” when reaching out to our Facebook friends, but for the most part people are pretty good and willing to help. Especially after last year, now that they know it is a legitimate event and that helps with our credibility.


Do you find yourself ever posting to Facebook in the middle of the night when you’re up with the baby?


No, I can’t say I have done that yet. I haven’t quite mastered that level of multitasking yet!


How do you feel about Olivet combining with Eberlein?


I think it is great! Last year Matt really took the burden of the whole team on himself. This year with the help from the guys from Eberlein, it has lessened the pressure on Matt, which I gladly welcomed because of the new addition to our family. Combining the two teams has also given us a wider fan base than we would have had on our own.


Did you ever meet Jake and the Osters last year?


No, I didn’t, but I knew of their story going into the tournament last year. Also, I did catch a bit of their first game in Philadelphia last year.


I just found it. You recruited 361 fans last year. Whoa! No way Deej Oster can catch that, right?


I would love to see him try and beat me because I know what that would mean for our team. However, I think my record is going to be hard to pass!


You presented the Giant Check to the Fighting Alumni last year. Do you think you’ll be holding this year’s Giant Check on August 2 with Eberlein Drive?


I have my work cut out for me, but I’m going to give it my best shot! I can’t say I’m ready to give up my title of number one fan just yet, but I would be happy for whoever was handing over that check as long as Eberlein Drive is receiving it!


Of course!


What’s the plan for your first Mother’s Day as a mother?


I am just looking forward to spending a low key day with my new family of three! Who knows….maybe Matt has something up his sleeve!


I would hope so! Between the fan recruiting and the baby, you’ve earned it!

Thanks for the time. Have a great Mother’s Day!


Thanks! We are looking forward to TBT 2015.


We will see you in a few months and there is a good chance I will be the first fan through the doors like last year!


Haha! Well, maybe Matt’s team won’t get scheduled for an 830am tipoff this year!


I guess that is true! Regardless, you will see me there with Eberlein’s youngest fan!