2019 Regional Champs to collect a portion of ticket sales


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

Each regional champ will take home 25 percent of their region's ticket sales

For the first time in TBT history, more than one team will collect a paycheck this summer. In case you missed it, TBT announced that all eight Regional Champions will take home 25 percent of their region's ticket sales. This means that every single time a fan buys tickets, a portion of the proceeds goes directly back into the pot. Are you a team that wants to collect a huge payday for winning just three games? It's simple: pick which region you want to play in, rally your team's fanbase, and make sure they come out to support the squad. There's plenty of incentive for fans as well. As always, the fanbase of the team who wins the TBT Championship Game will collect 10 percent of the $2 million prize. What better way to get your favorite team motivated than to show up to their regional games and help them collect a substantial payday along the way?! It's a win-win for all.

Just two weeks into TBT 2019, AfterShocks (Wichita State alumni) fans have made Wichita the clear front-runner in terms of largest payout. With still five months (!!!) to go until tip-off, the pot is sitting at $22,126. Syracuse has also gotten off to a hot start and currently sits at $8,555. Will these numbers play a role in where 2018 regional champs Overseas Elite, Eberlein Drive, and Golden Eagles decide to play in TBT 2019?  Only time will tell.