"The information provided on this page is intended as a general guideline, subject to the Rules, which provide discretion to TBT concerning the final selection of players and teams."

Will you admit a team that has fewer than 200 Votes under any circumstances?


How can I watch the games?

$2 Million, Winner-takes-all Championship – August 2 @ 7p EST on ESPN
Semifinals – July 30 @ 5p & 7p EST on ESPN
Quarterfinals – July 23 @ 12p (ESPN2), 2p (ESPNU), 6p (ESPNU), 8p (ESPN2) EST
Rd of 16 Day 2 – July 22 @ 1p (ESPN3), 3p (ESPN3), 7p (ESPN2), 9p (ESPN2) EST
Rd of 16 Day 1 – July 21 @ 1p (ESPN3), 3p (ESPN3), 7p (ESPN2), 9p (ESPN2) EST

Rounds 1&2 from Chicago & Philadelphia – July 16 & 17 on
Rounds 1&2 from Charlotte & Los Angeles – July 9 & 10 on

When is the application deadline?

June 1 at 12p ET. All teams must have at least 7 Players and 200 Votes by that point to be eligible for selection.

What teams will get in?

Sixteen (16) teams will be selected in each of the four (4) regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, West). Eleven (11) of those 16 will be automatically selected based on popularity (# of Votes on as of June 1 at 12p ET). Additionally, TBT will select three (3) "at-large" teams in each region. The "at-large" teams must have at least 200 Fans, 7 Players, and meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Rules. An additional (1) team in each region will be the defending regional champion from 2015. And the final (1) slot in each region will go to the eligible team that raises the most money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America through GoFundMe between June 2 – June 13. 60 teams in this year's tournament will be announced on June 8, with the last four slots determined at the conclusion of the GoFundMe fundraiser.

How does the GoFundMe / Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser work?

Open only to eligible teams as of June 1 (i.e. teams with 7+ players and 200+ votes), this will provide teams outside of the 11 most popular in each region with an additional way to gain entry beyond the 3 at-large bids. The team that raises the most money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America through TBT's GoFundMe platform between June 2 – June 13 will be automatically rewarded a slot in each of the 4 regions.

How do you pick the 3 at-large teams in each region?

We select the teams that: exhibit the most passion for playing, have the best attitude, have the most interesting players, and have a group of fans who really want to see them in the tournament. These three teams must collect 200 Votes and 7 players by June 1 at 12p ET to get a slot.

How are you seeding the teams?

By talent, chemistry, leadership and reliability; i.e., how good we think the teams are.

How are you scheduling the teams?

Teams match up by seed: #1 vs. #16 and so on. Teams in the South & Midwest regions will play their first games on Saturday, July 9. Teams in the Northeast and West regions will play their first games on Saturday, July 16.

What is the Experience Ranking?

The Experience Ranking is a tool to let fans know the relative experience level of each team. When you sign up as a Player, you put in your highest level played. We then assign a value to your team based on the cumulative experience level of all of its players.

I'd like to help my friend's team, but I'm not good at basketball and I'd be a nightmare of a GM. What can I do?

You can either join the roster as a Booster or sign up and vote for that team as a Fan. In either role, your goal will be to help that team get in by getting as many votes as possible. If that team goes on to win it all, you will be rewarded with money.

When are the games?

Games will be played over four consecutive weekends starting July 9th.

Where are the games?

South Region: Charlotte July 9-10.
West Region: Los Angeles July 9-10.
Midwest Region: Chicago July 16-17.
Northeast Region: Philadelphia July 16-17.
Super 16: Philadelphia July 21-23.
Semifinals: New York City July 30.
$2 million, winner-take-all Championship: New York City August 2.

Who pays travel expenses?

Teams travel themselves to the opening weekends. After that, TBT will provide transport and lodging for each team in the Super 16 round (Philadelphia July 21-23), Semifinals (New York July 30) and Championship (New York August 2). See Rules for more information.

What is the tournament format?


How am I supposed to carve out 3 summer weekends for this?

If you make it to the 2nd weekend, there's a good chance you're playing on national TV. If you make it to the 3rd weekend, you're 4 hours of good basketball away from $2 million. This is a "just-start-winning-games-and-find-the-time" scenario.

What are the game rules?

College rules (5-on-5) except halves are 18 minutes, each team gets 4 timeouts per game, each player gets 6 fouls, the ball advances to half court on a dead ball timeout with less than one minute to play in the game and international rules on basket interference. See more info in the Rules.

How seriously do you approach the games?

TBT hires the top referees in the world, several of whom work March Madness or the NBA Playoffs. Three per game for all games.

How is the final prize split up?

Teams can divide the prize up amongst their GM/Players/Boosters/Coaches however they desire. GMs/Players/Boosters/Coaches get 90% and the winning team's top Fans get 10%. GMs will negotiate with each team member over that team member's share of the final prize. Those shares will be publicly displayed on the website and locked prior to games.

Why are you doing this?

To empower Fans, include them in the action, and provide them with the highest stakes sports product in the world.

My team's jersey and shorts are really cool. How can I buy them?

Due to increasing demand, we are holding a very limited opportunity this year where fans can purchase the shorts or jerseys of their favorite teams. Registered voters will be notified of their teams' sales in June.


Where do I start?

Read the How It Works section, and then APPLY here (link). Applications open on April 1.

What is the entry fee?


I just filled out my profile but it I don't see it yet. Why?

You must send a video of yourself to so we can verify your identity. In the video, you must state your name, the year, and why you want to play in TBT.

Will you allow a Player/GM/Booster/Coach to participate without having submitted a verification video to under any circumstances?


How is my team's region determined?

Your GM decides which region to apply to.

What hotel should we stay in?

Once you're selected, we will provide the name(s) of local hotels for the preliminary rounds. For the Super 16 and Championship Weekends, we will determine where you stay. For complete lodging details, please see the Rules.

Who would make a good GM?

Someone who is organized, responsible, knows a lot of players, and communicates well.

Who would make a good Booster?

Someone with access to a lot of people through an email database, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, newspaper, alumni network, etc. A Booster can be a person or organization. Everyone claims to have friends in high places; your Booster is one of those friends. Some examples of Boosters in 2015: Nick Young, Frank Kaminsky, CJ McCollum, Devin McCourty, Michael Rapaport, Brian McKnight.

I'm a Player and I know a bunch of other good Players, but we're not interested in recruiting Fans. What should we do?

Find someone trusted and well-organized to serve as your GM and convince him/her you're going to win. You may be able to get that person on board for $10k-100k of the winnings. From there, find a Booster – the GM & Booster can oversee the Fan recruiting for you.

What is the roster size?

The maximum roster size is 16 (made up of GM, Coaches, Boosters, Players). Maximum number of Players is 11, unless your team gets 2,000 votes, in which case you get to add a Ringer for the Super 16 and beyond. You must have at least 7 Players by June 1 at 12p ET to be eligible, per the Rules.

Can we add Players to our team after June 1 at 12p ET?

Each accepted team may add up to 3 Players between June 1 at 12p ET and July 1 at 12p ET. At no point can the roster exceed 11 Players total, per the Rules, UNLESS your team gets 2,000 votes and can add a Ringer.

What is a Ringer?

It's defined as a person, or horse, that's fraudulently added to a competition to gain an advantage. For TBT's purposes, just remove the horse n' fraud. A Ringer is simply a player that a team with 2,000 votes can add to their roster once they make it to the Super 16.

Why the Ringer?

Some teams will lose a Player to conflict after June 1. The Ringer allows them one more roster spot to make up for that.

If my team didn't make it, can I play on one of the teams that did?

Yes, as long as your new team has open roster spots and you switch teams by July 1 at 12p ET.

Can we cut players after June 1 at 12p ET?

No, per the Rules.

I think I'd make a great GM, but I don't know Players. What should I do?

Create your team page, get together with a Booster and start recruiting Votes. Players will follow once you demonstrate an ability to get Votes. You'll even be able to pick up free agent players on the site. It's like a fantasy league. Just make sure to get at least 7 Players on your roster and make sure you're in the top 12 in Votes in your region by June 1 to get in the tournament, per the Rules. You'll probably be able to add 3 great players after you've secured a slot.

I know a great player, but he/she has another commitment for the first weekend we'd play. What should I do?

Roster the player. Try to advance without him/her. He/she can join you for the Super 16 in Philadelphia. Lots of teams did this last year, to work around NBA Summer League commitments.

Can women play?

Yes, TBT is open to anyone. We've had close to 15 women play in TBT thus far, and several more have served as GM or Coach.

Why are you asking us to recruit votes?

We want to give Fans power over who plays and want as many people as possible to know about TBT and follow your team.

Any restrictions on what I can name my team?

It can't be offensive. You can't use a name of a high school, university or other sports team unless you have authorized, written, and legal consent. LOTS of people put "Team" in the title for some reason. Don't. LOTS of people use "Elite." Don't. When in doubt, pick a geographical region and a mascot and go with it. If you want to name your team after a company or organization, you must get our approval.

If we want to give our winnings to charity, how do we do that?

Good idea. You can partner with a charity and utilize their outreach to help attract Votes. Teams are free to give their after-tax portions of the winnings to any charity they desire (as Notre Dame Fighting Alumni did with Coaches vs. Cancer in 2014). In order to give ALL of your winnings to a non-profit, a non-profit must enter the team itself. If this is an option you'd like to pursue, please see the Rules and email us at

Can my team find a sponsor to pay for opening round travel?

Yes, put them on the team as your Booster and promise them a piece of the prize if you win it all. Reach out to us at with any questions.


Where do I start?

Register as a Fan here. Find a team you wish to vote for and vote for that team. You may also vote for 3 more teams. Voting starts on April 1 and ends on July 8 at 12pm ET.

I'm thinking of voting for a team. I get why it helps Players and GMs, but what's in it for me?

The top 100 voters of the winning team share 10% of the $2 million dollar prize, or $200,000, per the Contest Rules.

How do I become one of the top 100 voters of the winning team?

Recruit other voters through the links provided on your Account page. Each voter you recruit will increase your standing and give you a greater share of the championship prize. The deadline to vote/recruit is July 8 at 12pm ET. (Please note: each recruited Voter is equal to 1 point, regardless of how many teams they vote for.)

I signed up as a Fan last year. Do I have to sign up all over again?

No. You just have to log in. If you forgot your login information click "Reset Password" at the Login page. Your points will be reset to 0 each year.

Do I have to vote for the same team that I voted for last year?


Can I vote for more than one team?

Yes. You can vote for up to 4 teams. You will receive 1 point each time you vote.

Do I have to select all 4 teams at once?

No, all 4 votes do not need to be recorded at the same time, but…

Can I switch any of my votes?

No, once a vote is placed, it can't be changed or removed.

"The information provided on this page is intended as a general guideline, subject to the Rules, which provide discretion to TBT concerning the final selection of players and teams."


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