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TBT 760971 Bracket

Game Recap

Golden Eagles (Marquette Alumni)
Team Brotherly Love

Friday, July 10, 2020 - 2:00pm EDT

Columbus, OH

By: Josh Goldfine | @jgoldfine

The Golden Eagles have leaned heavily on their stars over the past few summers. In the Round of 8, those stars shined again.

Dwight Buycks had a team-high 19 points, Darius Johnson-Odom added 18 points and Jamil Wilson contributed 15 more, and the Golden Eagles held off an Elam Ending rally to defeat Brotherly Love, 83-76.

Johnson-Odom cited his team’s defensive intensity as the key for the Golden Eagles’ pulling away from a one-point halftime lead.

“[It was] our defense,” said Johnson-Odom. “We kept the momentum rolling on the defensive end.”

Coach Joe Chapman echoed his star’s sentiments.

“We’re from Marquette,” said Chapman. “No one plays harder than us.”

The Golden Eagles allowed just nine points in the third quarter and never looked back.

“We just tried to emphasize coming out and getting three stops [at the beginning of the second half],” said Buycks.

With his team now two wins away from its first TBT title, Buycks recognizes the importance of a title both for his team and the Marquette fan base.

“It means a lot,” said Buycks. “It’s something that we've wanted for ourselves. We want it badly, and we know our Marquette fans want it badly as well.”

Marquette, which fell in the 2018 semi-finals before losing to Carmen’s Crew in the title game last summer, will face the winner of the Red Scare vs. House of Paign game on July 12th at 4:00 PM EST.