Team Description

We are just a couple of guys who love the game of basketball with dreams of making it big. Whenever we get the chance you can find us mixing it up on a court somewhere. Unfortunately, life didn't deal us the NBA cards. Still our love of the game won't let us ever give up hope. For us to make this tournament- it would mean the world. Who would think that a bunch of guys with such diverse backgrounds and stories could come together and make a run at some of the worlds greatest players? WHY NOT US?!?! The world may not know of us yet, but they soon will... Help us get into this tournament and prepare to see SHOWTIME!!!

TBT Analysis

The second team to hit 250 Fans, Showtime got its support through hard work, determination, and love; love of the game and love from its Fans. They’re 9 guys from the Council, Virginia-area, in the Southwest corner of the state. Brad Nuckles leads the team. A 6’9” center who scored 1,000 points for East Tennessee State, and led Council High School to its only Virginia State Championship (Group A) in 2001, Nuckles brings size and intensity to the post where he'll be joined by Raven Barber, a 6'9" PF who was a solid contributor at Mt. St. Mary's and who was recently named the NBL (Canada) Rookie of the Year. They’ve also got additional length in Will Schwartzstein, a 6’10” power forward who’s played in Peru, while Dewayne MorrisNeil Rasnake, a 6’3” point guard who played at Western Carolina, will lead the offense. Travis Viers once hit 14 threes in a game in high school, and wrote in his bio: “I love basketball more than almost anything and would love for my buddies and me to get a chance to play in this.” Read the other bios: Chris Fleming: “Shoot 3s and get after it on d!” Shane Presley: “Still love the game and play every chance I get.” Shane’s brother, GM Stacy Presley: “This tournament would be a dream for all of us.” They also have room to roster one more player, which they're weighing seriously. People are clearly inspired by Showtime. Having succeeded in their dream of making it into TBT, they're now turning their attention to making sure they're ready to play. “We have some guys that are really working hard trying to get into great basketball shape,” says Stacy Presley.  Whatever their chances of winning, you know they'll give it their best effort. 

Team Players

  • # 3 Neil Rasnake Point Guard
    • Neil Rasnake

      #3 | Point Guard

      • Height: 6’ 3”
      • Weight: 175 Lbs.
      • Birthday: January-1977
      • Location: Davenport, Virginia
      • Salary: $50,000
  • # 40 Wes Roark Supporter
  • # 10 Stacy Presley Shooting Guard
  • # 97 Josh Locklear Coach
    • Josh Locklear

      #97 | Coach

      • Height: 6’ 1”
      • Weight: 245 Lbs.
      • Birthday: April-1993
      • Location: Bristol, Virginia
      • Salary: $1
  • # 1 Joshua Hart Shooting Guard
    • video

      Joshua Hart

      #1 | Shooting Guard

      • Height: 6’ 5”
      • Weight: 210 Lbs.
      • Birthday: November-1990
      • Location: Bristol, Virginia
      • Salary: $50,000
  • # 32 Raven Barber Power Forward
    • video

      Raven Barber

      #32 | Power Forward

      • Height: 6’ 9”
      • Weight: 235 Lbs.
      • Birthday: February-1991
      • Location: Edgewood, Maryland
      • Salary: $50,000
  • # 5 Travis Viers Shooting Guard
    • Travis Viers

      #5 | Shooting Guard

      • Height: 5’ 9”
      • Weight: 165 Lbs.
      • Birthday: December-1990
      • Location: Council, Virginia
      • Salary: $50,000
  • # 30 Shane Presley Small Forward
  • # 51 Brad Nuckles Center
  • # 6 zack stamper Point Guard
    • zack stamper

      #6 | Point Guard

      • Height: 6’ 0”
      • Weight: 165 Lbs.
      • Birthday: March-1983
      • Location: Rural Retreat , Virginia
      • Salary: $50,000
  • # 41 Dewayne Morris Power Forward
    • Dewayne Morris

      #41 | Power Forward

      • Height: 6’ 5”
      • Weight: 250 Lbs.
      • Birthday: September-1986
      • Location: Rural Retreat, Virginia
      • Salary: $50,000
  • # 42 Will Schwartzstein Power Forward

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