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Khouraichi Thiam #21 | Small Forward

Height: 6'8"
Location: ,
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# Khouraichi is a swingman, long athletic player. He is an overall player, versatile player who can play different position(2-3-4). He can shoot, dribble, plays hard defense , rebound and understand the game well. *Profile: Height: 6'8 Weight: 217pds Wingspan : 7'4 Position: Wingman Nationality: Senegalese ( Cotonou Player)/USA permanent Resident ) Education: College Graduate (International relation/communication & Business Management) Basketball career: College 2008-10 wyoming 2010-11 South Georgia Tech University 2011-13 Mars Hill University Professional 2013-14 Asian Premiere League 2014-15 Uhud Club 2015 Besa Peja Kosovo 2016 Vandals *Senegal Nation Team TQO 2016 2016-17 Spain Albacete LEB. *Senegal National Team Qualifications Afrobasket 2017 2018- Plano ABA 2019- The Soldiers Achievements: SAC best double double 2013 (#1) SAC best rebounder 2013 (#1) SAC top 10 Player of the Year All NCAA Top 5 best rebounder (#2 in the Nation) All NCAA double double #1 in the Nation All SAC rebounds/double double of the year 2013. First Team Import Player Asian League Videos: Selected espn top 10 (#7): Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Asian premier league

Highest Level Played: Overseas Professional
Highest Level Team Name: Albacete
Last Year Played at Highest Level: 2018
Alma Mater: Mars Hill University
Winning Share: $175000.00Zelle