Top 5 Sound Bites From TBT2017

By: TBT Staff |  @thetournament


TBT2017 gave us some of the best plays, games and moments we've seen since TBT began back in 2014. From the first round all the way through the last play of the finals, the teams, coaches and even thr broadcasters brought their A-games and gave us memorable moments throughout the tournament. Let's take alook back at some of our favorite sound bites from TBT2017!

#5: Aska Gets Fran Hootin' and Hollerin'

In Team Challenge ALS' Super 16 matchup with Few Good Men, Ivan Aska brought it on both ends of the court. Few Good Men's Leo Lyons caught a bounce pass in the lane and went up for the big dunk, only to be met at the rim and denied by Aska. Lyons got the rebound, made a move and went back up for the bucket, but Aska was there yet again to stuff Lyons' shot. The second block got ALS out in transition, where Aska ran the length of the floor, called for the alley oop and finsihed it with authority! Aska finsihed with seven points, seven rebounds and at least one new fan (Fran Fraschilla) in Challenge ALS' 77-60 win to advance to the quarterfinals. 


#4: CJ McCollum Knows Where That TBT Prize Money is Going!

Portland Trailblazers guard C.J. McCollum joined the TBT braodcast while watching his brother Errick McCollum and Overseas Elite take on the Matadors (Texas Tech alumni) in the second round of the South region. Things got really good when C.J. dove into how the then two-time defending champs might have spent their share of the $3 million they'd hauled in over the past two tournaments, saying that Overseas Elite's TBT winnings are just a bonus used for "the car you wnated to buy, the advancements on the house, the updates in the kitchen, or maybe getting wifey an extra gift..." 

Despite the industry standard of broadcasters staying neutral during the game, C.J. wasn't about to play Switzerland in the booth with his brother out on the court -- and wasn't shy about saying it!


#3: Coach Curtin Gets Overseas Elite Refocused

It's crazy how one timeout can completely change the course of a game, and in a single-elimination setting like TBT, change the entire course of the tournament. That's exactly what happened in Overseas Elite's quarterfinals battle with Ram Nation. After Eric Maynor drilled a deep three to put Ran Nation up 59-50 with 12:00 to play, Colin Curtin called timeout to get Overseas Elite refocused on defense. The message from Curtin was simple, "No more threes!" as he urged his guys to remember that they've been there befroe and just needed to play their game. 

Curtin's timeout proved to be just what his team needed, as Overseas Elite outscored Ram Nation 36-20 over the final 12 minutes to advance to the semifinals. By now, you probably know Overseas Elite went on to win their third-straight TBT championship, but who knows how that quarterfinal game would have played out had Colin Curtin not called that all-important timeout. 


#2: Nancy Frates' Inspirational Pregame Speech

Sean Marshall and Team Challenge ALS captured the hearts of TBT and basketball fans all over the country with their inspiring play in TBT2017. Marshall is a close friend of former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, the man behind the inpiration for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Marshall acted as both GM and player for Team Challeneg ALS, the team he created in honor of his buddy Pete to help continue raising awareness and money for the fight against ALS. As a #6 seed, Challenge ALS made a tremndous run to the TBT championship, stating from the beginning that a portion of the $2 million prize would go straight to ALS research if they brought home the crown. Before they took the court for the championship game against Overseas Elite, Pete's mom, Nancy Frates, gave the team a pregame speech that we will never forget.

They fell short, losing to Overseas Elite 86-83 in the championship, but their message was spread to thousands of fans and in one of the coolest things we've ever seen suring TBT, Overseas Elite told Marshall after the crushing loss that they would be donating part of their winnings to the ALS cause. 


#1: Ref Clarence Armstrong Lays Down The Law!

Seeing a player bark at a ref for what the player sees as a missed call or soft whistle is nothing new. But how often do you see the ref chirp back and put that player firmly in his place? That's how it went down in the first half of the game between Overseas Elite and Tampa Bulls. A moving screen caused the Bulls' Anthony Collins to ask referee Clarence Armstrong to explain the justification behind his call. When there was a pause in the action before a pair of free throws, Armstrong elaborated on why he was calling the game the way he was, and it was insatnt TBT gold! 

"You just killed a dude!"