TBT Podcast: Zach Andrews & Bobby Parker


By: TBT Staff | @TheTournament

Will former Bradley star Zach Andrews join college teammates, Always A Brave?

Both of our guests On this week’s episode of the TBT Podcast are synonymous with success when it comes to TBT. Zach Andrews, a forward for Team 23, updates is on where basketball will take him in the coming weeks. Also, the former Bradley star walks us through his experiences in the championship game as well as rooting on his former teammates in the Super 16 and Elite 8. Listen to hear about Zach's tough upbringing and his plans once his professional basketball career comes to end. Bobby Parker, GM of Always A Brave, is our second interview on the podcast. Parker dissects how he crafted the team, the run to the semifinals in New York City, and the acquisition of their talented head coach. Player updates from around the world conclude this episode!