TBT Podcast Ep. 66 Johndre Jefferson (Overseas Elite)


By: TBT Staff |@TheTournament

Is Overseas Elite unbeatable? Many would argue that they are, but for the team’s center, Johndre Jefferson, he knows his team won’t lose to anyone. 19-0 and a third straight TBT Championship is in sight.

“I kind of think it’s impossible to beat our team,” Jefferson said. “We have a bunch of guys that we’re going to go out there and we going to punch you in the mouth. And if you hit us we’re going to come back with a round house.”

Jefferson is our featured guest on this week’s podcast as we discuss top players and team storylines with the voting process in full swing! If you would like to hear from a specific player or GM, let us know by emailing info@thetournament.com. Make sure you’re sharing our podcast on social media and subscribing to TBT Podcast on iTunes.