From TBT to the All-Star Game: an Elam Ending timeline


By: Kathryn Maloney

The Elam Ending continues to spread across the globe

The movement continues. Last week, the Philadelphia Brotherly Love ProAm announced they will be adopting the Elam Ending for the duration of this year's event. 


Since 2017, the Elam Ending has caught the attention of many events and leagues around the world, most notably the NBA All-Star game. Here’s a brief rundown of its history: 


TBT adopts the Elam Ending for the jamboree play-in tournament. Dalton Pepper of the Broad Street Brawlers hits the first ever Elam Ender: a free throw.




TBT adopts the Elam Ending full-time. It is used in all 71 games. Many unforgettable moments are born, including Memphis alum Darius Washington Jr. hitting a mid-range Elam Ender for Team DRC to defeat a team of fellow Tigers alumni. In the championship, Overseas Elite secures its fourth consecutive title thanks to an Elam Ending free throw from Justin Burrell



Devin Oliver of Red Scare has quite possibly the most electric Elam Ender of all-time: a putback slam off teammate Kyle Davis’s missed layup. William Buford hits the most expensive free throw in history to hand Carmen's Crew the TBT 2019 Championship and $2 million. 


January 2020

After fierce advocacy from Chris Paul, the NBA adopts the Elam Ending for the All-Star Game and uses a 24-point target score to honor Kobe Bryant. As a result, the Elam Ending gains traction. The 2020 All-Star Game was notable largely because of the increased intensity towards the end of the game. Using the Elam Ending created a playoff-like environment that had fans on the edge of their seats. After a lengthy battle, Anthony Davis hit the second of two free throws to give Team LeBron the victory. 


May 2020

New Zealand's National Basketball League adopts the Elam Ending on a full-time basis for all overtime games.


July 2020

The Canadian Elite Basketball League takes after the NBL and adopts the Elam Ending. All 26 games of the Summer Circuit use the ending, making them the first league to use it in FIBA competition. A free throw by Xavier Moon lifts the Edmonton Stingers to the championship.  

During TBT play, Mo Creek hits an epic Elam Ending three to defeat the heavily favored Overseas Elite and send 22nd seed Sideline Cancer to the TBT Championship Game. Travis Diener, who hit an Elam Ending winning three in the 2018 Quarterfinals and 2019 Semifinals, hits the $1 million shot from the right corner for the Golden Eagles


March 2021

The NBA All-Star Game uses Elam Ending for a second straight year. Damian Lillard hits a 3-pointer from nearly half court to seal the deal for Team LeBron. It receives widespread praise for providing meaningful fourth quarter basketball in a blowout game. A couple days later, the Philly Brotherly Love ProAm announces they will use the Elam Ending.


To be continued...