The information provided on this page is intended as a general guideline, subject to the Rules, which provide discretion to TBT concerning the final selection of players and teams.

Where will TBT be played this year?

West Regional (LA): July 13-15
South Regional (Richmond): July 13-15
Midwest Regional (Columbus): July 20-22
Northeast Regional (NYC): July 20-22
Super 16 (Atlanta): July 26-28
Quarterfinals (Atlanta): July 29
Semifinals (Baltimore): August 2
Championship (Baltimore): August 3 @ 7p

How can I watch?

TBT airs live on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3/WatchESPN. Schedule coming soon.

Where can I buy tickets?

Here. If available, tickets will be sold on-site on game days as well.

Who can play?

Anyone 18 or older can play. Plus LaMelo Ball (16).

Who has won TBT?

In 2014, the Notre Dame Fighting Alumni won. In 2015, 2016, & 2017, Overseas Elite won. They’re now 19-0 all-time, making $5 million in the process.

Do NBA players play in TBT?

In TBT 2017, 68 players with NBA experience played. NBA players under contract typically play the part of de facto team owner, GM, Booster, or Coach.

Do players ever go on from TBT to play in the NBA?

Fourteen (14) players from TBT 2017 have signed deals with NBA teams so far this year.

When does the application period run?

April 2 - June 1 at 12p ET. Teams must have at least 7 Players by June 1 to be eligible

What teams get in?

It’s a 72-team field. Eighteen (18) teams will play in each of the four (4) regions: Northeast, Midwest, South, West.

  • 1. Nine (9) of those 18 will be automatically selected based on popularity (# of supporters on TheTournament.com as of June 1 at 12p ET)
  • 2. Four (4) "at-large" teams will be selected in each region. The "at-large" teams must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Rules
  • 3. Four (4) teams will be able to buy into each region for $5,000
  • 4. The final (1) slot in each region will go to that region’s defending champion

How does TBT pick the at-large teams in each region?

We tend to pick the most interesting/notable players, best stories, or people who have played TBT before that we know and respect.

How do you seed the teams?

Talent, chemistry, leadership and reliability; i.e. how good we think the team is.

How do you schedule the teams?

We schedule all teams by seed. The four lowest seeded teams in each region will square off Friday night July 13 (West & South) and Friday night July 20 (Northeast & Midwest) in their respective regions. The winner of the 16 vs 17 game will move on to play the #1 seed, whereas the winner of the 15 vs 18 game will play the #2 seed.

What is the Experience Ranking?

The Experience Ranking is a tool to let fans know the relative experience level of each team. When a Player signs up, he/she enters his/her highest level played. A team’s Experience Ranking is the cumulative experience level of all of its Players

What is the tournament format?


What are the game rules?

College rules (5-on-5) except we play four 9-minute quarters, each team gets 4 timeouts per game, each player gets 6 fouls, and international rules on basket interference (except on foul shots). Also, we use the Elam Ending. See more info in the Rules.

Who refs?

Excellent ones. Many of our referees work March Madness or the NBA. Three per game for all games

How is the prize split up?

GMs will negotiate with each team member over his/her share of the final prize. GMs/Players/Boosters/Coaches get 90% of the prize and the winning team's top 201 Fans get 10%.


How do I enter?

Apply here. You have from April 2 – June 1 to apply. Every member of your team must create a profile and submit a verification video.

What is the entry fee?

Zero dollars, unless you purchase one of our buy-in slots, which are $5,000.

I just filled out my profile but I don't see it yet. Why?

You must send a video of yourself to video@thetournament.com so we can verify your identity. In the video, you must state your name, the year, and why.

How is my team's region determined?

Your GM decides which region to apply to.

Who would make a good GM?

Someone who is organized, responsible, knows a lot of players, and doesn’t mind being on TV. Daryl Morey.

Who would make a good Booster?

Someone with access to a lot of people through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, media outlet, alumni network, etc. A Booster can be a person or organization. Everyone claims to have friends in high places; now is your chance to prove it. Some examples of past Boosters: John Wall, Michael Rapaport, Matt Ryan, Coach Calipari.

I'm a Player and I know a bunch of other good Players, but we're not interested in asking people for support. What should we do?

Buy a slot for $5,000. Link here.

What are the roster limits?

Teams can have a max of 15 players. The first 9 on your roster are free if they’re added before 12pm (noon) ET on June 1, 2017. Teams can have an unlimited amount of Coaches and Boosters.

How do we add Players to our team if we already have 9 or if it’s after June 1, 12p EST?

You must pay $1,000 per player up until the tournament starts. As you advance through the tournament, you may add more players, but it will cost increasing amounts. It’s $2,000 to add a player heading into the Super 16 and $3,000 to add a player heading into the Semifinals. See more in the Rules.

If I’m listed as a player on a team that doesn’t make it in, can I play on one of the teams that did?


If my team makes it in and loses, can I hook on with another team?


Can we cut players after June 1 at 12p ET?

No, Per the Rules.

I'd like to help my friend's team, but I'm not good at basketball and I'd be a nightmare of a GM. What can I do?

You can either join the roster as a Booster or sign up and support that team as a Fan. In either role, your goal will be to help that team get in by recruiting as many other supporters as possible. If that team goes on to win it all, you could be rewarded with money.

I know a great player, but he/she has another commitment for the first weekend we'd play. What should I do?

He/she can join you for the Super 16 or later, if you make it that far. Lots of teams did this last year, to work around NBA Summer League commitments and weddings.

Can women play?

Yes. We've had 15 women play in TBT thus far, and several more have served as GM or Coach.

What’s the point of admitting teams based on support?

More people will be introduced to TBT this way. We also want teams to build with popularity in mind. Teams that form around a popular brand or cause will be more relatable and more easily understood.

Any restrictions on what I can name my team?

Anonymous team names don’t help us or you. It’s best to name the team after something identifiable to as many people as possible. For example, Team CP3 would be a good name for a team on which Chris Paul is Booster. If your team represents a college alumni group, think of a name that would work as a fan group during the college basketball season (e.g. Boeheim’s Army).

If we want to give our winnings to charity, how do we do that?

Good idea. You can partner with a charity and utilize its outreach to help get support. Teams are free to give their after-tax portions of the winnings to any charity they desire (as Notre Dame Fighting Alumni did with Coaches vs. Cancer in 2014). In order to give ALL of your winnings to a non-profit, a non-profit must enter the team itself. If this is an option you'd like to pursue, please email us at info@thetournament.com.

Does TBT pay for travel?

You are responsible for travel to Rounds 1 & 2. If your team makes it to the Super 16, TBT pays for flights and hotels for each team’s players and GM.

Can my team find a sponsor to pay for opening round travel?

Yes. Put them on the team as your Booster and promise them a piece of the prize if you win. Reach out to us at info@thetournament.com with any questions

What hotel should we stay in?

Once you're selected, we will provide you with a suggested list of hotels for the opening weekend. For the Super 16 and beyond, we will determine the hotel.


How do I get involved?

Register as a Fan here. Find a team you think will win and become a supporter. You can register and support a team all the way up until the semifinals.

How much money can fans win?

The top 201 supporters of the winning team share 10% of the $2 million dollar prize, or $200,000, per the Contest Rules. The top supporter of the winning team wins $40,000.

How do I become one of the top 201 supporters of a team?

By accumulating points.

I signed up as a Fan last year. Do I have to sign up all over again?

No. You just have to log in. If you forgot your login information, click "Reset Password" at the Login Page. Your points will be reset to 0 each year

Can I support more than one team?


Can I switch which team I support?

Yes. You can switch anytime without penalty until games start. After games start, you lose half your points every time you switch. Team selections will be frozen August 1 at 12p ET.


Why are you doing this?

We love the idea of allowing anyone the opportunity to put their own team into a major, televised sporting event. And the winner-take-all model yields an unselfish and intense brand of basketball you can’t find anywhere else in the summer.

What will TBT 2050 look like?

The winning team will get $50 million and a slot in the NBA and games will be played all across the world.

Members of the TBT team:

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Email us at info@thetournament.com.

The information provided on this page is intended asa eneral gudeline, subject to the Rules, which provide discretion to TBT concerning the final selection of players and teams. (remove quotes)